Bhrett McCabe

The #1 Secret to Human Performance

Oftentimes, I am asked to describe my personal performance philosophy. While that’s something that people who are competing and training should possess, it’s also important for people like me – sports psychologists and mental coaches – to have an underlying philosophy of what impacts and influences human performance. As a clinical psychologist, I try to look at the core essence of people and the way they interact with their environment. Their thoughts, their feelings, and their emotions intertwine and work in unison, but never randomly. The whole thing functions in a systematic, connected manner.

"As the athlete, YOU are the single most important factor in creating the outcomes that YOU want."

My Game Plan for Human Performance

My game plan for human performance starts with the person and how that person interacts with their competitive environment; how they train; and most importantly, how they overcome challenges. As a clinical psychologist, my strategy is an adaptation of the behavioral formulation I use to assess patients. It’s an attempt to understand the various influences that impact their psychological well-being.

Several years ago, I created an infographic designed to give my clients a better understanding of the performance framework, and this was when The Game Plan was created. I want you to understand that at the core of all competitive environments, training situations, and adversity settings is one things… YOU! As the athlete, YOU are the single most important factor in creating the outcomes that YOU want. Nobody can do it for you, and nobody will make it easier for you.

What matters is you and the way that you interact with the world. In that interaction, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are impacted, and the challenge is to work through the various levels of thought and emotion to succeed. If you understand that you are the coordinator and the center of the entire spectrum around you, you can improve your overall competitive mindset in a more effective and efficient manner. Too often, we look outside to coaches, or teachers, or situations and environments to make things easier for us or hand us the solutions. A person who lacks the self-confidence to be great and the self-confidence to overcome challenges invariably looks for fixes and solutions from others, rather than searching for the answers within.

It's Up To You...

A coach can inspire you and have an impact on you, and a great game can help bring confidence, but none of that can happen unless you have an understanding that you are:

(1) Capable of succeeding

(2) Ready to take on the challenge

Creating success is about timing and the consistent engagement of your actions. When it comes to whether or not you’re going to succeed, you are the ultimate deciding factor.

You must accept that success can be defined on many different levels. Not everyone can be a champion, but everyone can work to achieve a championship mindset, and everyone can work to fight through the challenges that are necessary to become a champion. That’s how you grow.

I go into further detail in my book, The Game Plan. Get your copy today!