Bring Bhrett Your Performance Problems. He’ll Provide the Solutions.

As a renowned clinical & sports psychologist, some of the best athletes in the world bring their performance issues to Bhrett. He solves them and gets players back in the WIN column!


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Get 1-on-1 coaching and personalized tools and strategies to help you break free and overcome the struggles that are plaguing your performance.


Enjoy competing again, get your game back, and get back in the win column! The tools and strategies Bhrett provides to clients are proven and effective. They will work for you.

Are You Struggling With Any Of These Issues During Performance?

  • Frustration with inability to perform at your best consistently

  • Fear of failure is causing you to underperform

  • Difficulty taking practice performance into competition

  • Lack of self-belief and confidence in your abilities

  • Fear and doubt have turned your sport into a burden

  • Not living up to your expectations

  • Performance anxiety

If so, Bhrett wants to help you. It’s what elite performers call on him to do!

Some of the most decorated, accomplished athletes bring Bhrett their performance-related issues. With your input, he will identify your strengths and enhance them. He will also identify areas for improvement and create a personalized plan to ensure that you will perform at your highest level!  

Are You Tired of Being Stuck in the Same Patterns of Frustration? Are You Ready to Level-Up Your Performance?

Good! Bhrett is here to help you with his one-on-one, personalized coaching proven to help top performers break through patterns of struggle and frustration. 

As a Clinical & Sports Psychologist, Bhrett understands the pressures you go through as a competitor.

He’s here to help overcome the struggles you face in competition and get back in the win column!

  • Sports Psychologist to professional athletes including 12 PGA Tour players who amassed over $35 million during the 2022-2023 season

  • Consulting Sports Psychologist for The University of Alabama Athletic Department, working with all teams and coaching staffs

  • Featured speaker to numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations