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Dr. Bhrett McCabe is a renowned clinical and sports psychologist having worked with elite performers across sports and business. His books will help you break free of your struggles, shift your mindset, and start winning again. 

Kick Anxiety's Ass

Take Control of the Uncontrollable Force in Your Life

If you are struggling with anxiety, you are not alone in this battle. There are so many of us who have walked every day of our lives with the monster that lives inside our heads, telling us that tomorrow will be hard, people do not appreciate us, and that we are doing it wrong. Anxiety can consume you, control you, and steal everything from you, but only if you give in to it.

Anxiety never reveals the truth and does not reflect your true capabilities.

Here's what Kick Anxiety's Ass will do for you:

• Help you develop a strategy to combat anxiety in your performance world and your life

• Give you the weapons you need to tame the beast of anxiety

• Provide the tools to change your perspective around anxiety and manage how it makes you feel so it does not consume your life

You have an opportunity to change the course of your life despite living with anxiety. You can still be successful, win championships, and have amazing relationships with anxiety. You may feel out of control with worry, fear, and insecurity, but I want you to take control back. When you start fighting back, your life changes.

This book will teach you how to take control of what you feared was uncontrollable and start winning in life, and in doing so, start Kicking Anxiety’s Ass.

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Kick Anxiety's AssKick Anxiety's Ass

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Break Free From Suckville

How A Simple Mental Change Will Spark Your Performance

There is a myth in the competitive world that you will eventually reach your potential if you prepare correctly. Why do you leave competitions frustrated with your execution level and regret your effort if that is the case? The truth is you will never reach your potential, and the quest to create that of success and consistency in your game is destroying your mentality. The space between your possibility and the reality of your performance is what I call “Suckville” because the struggles of falling short suck.

Every competitor will find themselves mired in Suckville at some point in their career when they lose the joy of competition and find the burden of expectations too painful to endure. It is not about If but When. Break Free from Suckville is a trusted resource for any competitor who starts destroying their progress because their results seem to fall short of their perceived potential.

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Break Free From Suckville

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The MindSide Manifesto

The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset

Life is meant to be lived fully. Unfortunately, too many allow life to live them, and as a result, success is out of reach. A fully engaged life always begins in the mind - impacting thoughts, feelings, and actions to create the pathways and habits responsible for success. Elite competitors start with a purpose-driven mental approach to their success, so much so that it becomes their identity – their Manifesto.

The MindSide Manifesto dives into the factors that often rob athletes, coaches, and leaders of their ability to live and compete to their full intent. By exploring the traps that commonly limit success and developing your focused, driven mindset, dreams become reality. Only when you fully declare your Manifesto and commit to the plan of achieving it, will you reach your true potential. It is your choice – Are you willing to invest in you and your Manifesto?

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The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset

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The Game Plan

Managing Your Champ and Chump

The Game Plan workbook is designed as a training tool with practical and insightful exercises to help you define and realize your true manifesto. By engaging in a deeper understanding of your self-image, your manifesto will not only become crystallized but reflect your true desires, strengths, and opportunities. It is not an easy task to explore the thoughts, feelings, and desires for success, but it is necessary to establish a plan that can be achieved and drive the results that you desire.

The Game Plan workbook is a necessity for individuals who want to take their game to the next level and perform at their best. It introduces you to the two aspects of your confidence – the champion self (Champ) and the fearful, sabotaging self (Chump). By the end of this workbook, the reader will be able to let Champ do the work and learn to put Chump back on the bench. Lace up your shoes, get your eye-black on, chalk up your hands, and get ready for the challenge!

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The Game Plan: Managing Your Champ & Chump

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Elite Journal

A Systematic Approach to Perform at an Elite Level

Elite performers spend a considerable amount of time focused on the next competition, investing their time into how they prepare, train, and recover in order to be their best when it matters the most. The drive for greatness is always more powerful leading into a competition, and as a result, true champions use that motivation to find a consistent process to help them perform at their best.

Truly exceptional individuals review their practice and competition in a systematic way, while those who are unsuccessful fail to do so. The process of critically reviewing your day or event takes discipline as well as directed focus to highlight the learnings and filter the clutter. It has been our experience that when elite performers regularly review their training and competitions, they are able to remove many of the fears, doubts, and insecurities that get in the way of confidence.

Those who allow the emotion of the moment to guide their decision-making are constantly trying to fix problems, overcome weaknesses, and avoid difficulty. When emotion guides the decision making process in competition, it can have very risky implications. Engaging in journaling and an active review allows you to separate your emotion from the reality of your performance.

The Elite Journal’s intent is to provide a visual and interactive tool to assist an athlete in understanding their mental process as they go through training. The journal is laid out in a day-by-day structure within a three-month time span that allows the athlete to narrow his/her focus on specific segments in their game plan. Dr. Bhrett McCabe believes that writing things down puts life into a player’s thoughts. With the Elite Journal, athletes can track their growth throughout their game from a mental perspective.

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Elite Journal

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