Avoid the Most Common Scenarios That Derail Your Golf Game

The Landmines of the Golf Course Training Series will help you avoid the five most common areas where players of all skill levels struggle. 


You'll get immediate access to the Landmines of the Golf Course training program to help you avoid the most difficult problem areas on the course.


Take the information learned and begin applying it to your game right away. The strategies learned will be a way to view the golf course with an enhanced mentality.


Once you start avoiding the landmines on a more consistent basis, you will see how many strokes you save and how much better your experience on the golf course will be.

Golfers of all ages and skill levels encounter scenarios on the course that can turn a good round into a frustrating round. Oftentimes, you don’t even see these landmines happening until it’s too late.

However, with the right tools like the ones provided in this training series, you will be able to understand how these scenarios happen, why they are so problematic, and how you can manage them without affecting your round!

Sign up for the Landmines of the Golf Course virtual training series today and learn…

  • Why these landmines and breakdowns on the golf course happen

  • Strategies you can implement when they are happening to keep your game on-track

  • What to do after you encounter one of these scenarios so you can re-focus and play better golf

The Five Landmines of the Golf Course

If you want to start shooting lower scores, knowing and identifying these landmines during your round can help you do that.

Landmine #1 - Leaving Your Game At The Range

A frequent question that Bhrett gets is, “How do I take my range game and what I have done in practice to the first tee?” Bhrett will give you some tips on how you can do that.

Landmine #2 - Impatience After A Slow Start

Getting impatient after a slow start and feeling like you have to start forcing shots to make things happen is not a recipe for success. Bhrett tackles a common mistake players make when they feel they have to make birdie to get their game going after struggling through the first few holes.

Landmine #3 - Getting Caught In A Riptide

In golf, this is a situation where your play seems to be going along fine at first, then something unusual happens (weather conditions/bad shot). The harder you try to correct the situation, the worse it gets. Bhrett discusses how to identify a riptide and how to manage it when it happens.

Landmine #4 - Holding Onto A Bad Hole

If you have just finished a bad hole, you are probably frustrated. Your immediate thought is, “I want to make up for it on this next hole.” Bhrett discusses how to let go of a bad hole so it does not impact your future play.

Landmine #5 - Playing Ahead In Your Round

When your mind runs ahead and starts playing future holes, you lose your focus on the present which is where you need to be. Bhrett discusses how to compete in your golf game and how to deal with the negative thoughts you will encounter along the way.

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