3 Ways to Quiet the Noise Around You

The Secrets to Winning Podcast with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Episode Summary

There's a lot of clutter and junk in this world. There's a lot of noise. For my best performers, one of the biggest issues I hear them talk about is "What is the most important thing for me to do to be successful?" It is to put the blinders on and get to work. Every day, we get caught up in the world around us, and we start buying into what the external world is telling us. You're looking for proof and evidence of why you are falling behind.

See, that's the trap that the mind gets into when it latches into what somebody else is doing. It's winning. It's telling you that you are not prepared for the challenge in front of you. So, you romanticize and see the drama going on around you.

I want to give you three ways that I have found to be effective in getting the highest performers to quiet the noise and clutter going on around them.