A Systematic Approach to Perform at an Elite Level

The Elite Journal provides a system to plan and review your day so that you can refine your process and improve your mental game!

In Bhrett's experience, when elite performers regularly review their training and competitions, they are able to remove many of the fears, doubts, and insecurities that get in the way of confidence.

Those who allow the emotion of the moment to guide their decision-making are constantly trying to fix problems, overcome weaknesses, and avoid difficulty. When emotion guides the decision-making process in competition, it can have very risky implications. Engaging in journaling and an active review allows you to separate your emotion from the reality of your performance.

Journaling is a BIG Part of Performance Improvement by Allowing You to Systematically Track Progress and Identify Problem Areas

Here are some tips for journaling to improve your performance:

  • Be honest: Write about what's going on in your game and provide context for your goals and plans for improvement

  • Journal daily: This can help with personal growth and emotional clarity

  • Journal at the end of the day: This can help you track progress, discover new insights, and reveal patterns in behavior

  • Analyze yourself: After journaling for a while, you can start to analyze how you work and train, as well as what you could do to improve your process

The Elite Journal will allow you to:

  • Plan and review your day so that you can refine your process and improve your mental game

  • Eliminate emotion from your decision-making process

  • Filter out the clutter in your performance and rely on the facts of improving performance

  • Systematically improve performance in a short amount of time each day (<10 minutes per day)

  • Feel a great sense of accomplishment by becoming more efficient in your training and improving the quality of your day

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