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Are You Ready to Master the Mental Game of Golf?

Get these meticulously crafted virtual training courses designed by renowned Clinical & Sport Psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe to fix the most common and detrimental mental mistakes that golfers face. 

Billy Horschel

"Bhrett has been my sports psychologist for the past six years and has been a massive help. He relates your struggles and issues to examples you can easily understand and comprehend. He's the best in the business."

Your Journey to Developing a Bulletproof Mental Game Starts Here

Are you tired of letting mental obstacles hinder your performance? Do you want to elevate your game and achieve consistent success on the course? Both of these virtual training courses can help you do that!

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ATTACK-R Golf Training System

Training for excellence in golf requires more because of the challenges of the sport, the difficulties with consistency of performance, & the reliance on the technical side of the game. Bhrett's experience with the top players in the world led him to develop a comprehensive model of performance, called the ATTACK-R Training System, based on understanding your unique approach to the game and how to prepare for the challenges of competition.

  • This system allows Bhrett to be your virtual coach! He will be there to walk you through this training every step of the way.

  • Full training system is broken down into 7 phases which are the phases in which your game needs to be broken down in order to achieve maximum consistency. They are the Assessment, Training, Testing, Anticipation, Competition, Knowledge building, and Reinvestment Phases (hence the name ATTACK-R).

  • Program consists of off-course training (assessment, anticipation, and re-investment phases), practice/training content on the practice range (training, testing phases), and on-course training during a practice round to simulate competition (part of testing phase, competition, and knowledge building phases).

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Golf Mental Game Mastery: Overcoming Golf's Most Fatal Mental Mistakes

Golfers of all ages and skill levels encounter scenarios on the course that can turn a good round into a frustrating round. However, with the right tools like the ones provided in this training series, you will be able to understand how these scenarios happen, why they are so fatal, and how you can manage them without affecting your round!

  • Program consists of the five fatal mental mistakes that most golfers make on a consistent basis and how you can overcome them.

  • Discover proven methods to stay focused, maintain confidence, and overcome challenges on the course. Develop a champion's mindset that propels you towards success.

  • Learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and pressure effectively.

  • Develop a personalized pre-shot routine that enhances your consistency, clarity, and decision-making on every shot. Eliminate distractions and stay in the zone from tee to green.

How to Best Use These Courses


Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid mental foundation or a seasoned golfer aiming for peak performance, our course is your gateway to unlocking the mindset of a champion.


These virtual courses are filmed on-course, which allows you to see the material in action and come with drills to utilize as well. We have found by watching, taking notes, and even rewatching, players are able to implement instruction much better!

watch your scores drop

When you are more confident in your game, golf becomes a lot more fun. Showing up to the golf course every round with a toolkit, a consistent game, and a plan to shoot low scores can help you achieve the low scores you want!

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

01. I can’t decide between the two courses - what is the difference between them?

The Golf Mental Game Mastery course is focused on five key mistakes Bhrett sees amongst all golfers he works with. The ATTACK-R Golf Training System is a more comprehensive overview of Bhrett's mental game system utilized with the PGA Tour players he works with, including some playing in The Master's. You can always purchase both!

02. How do I access these courses?

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email complete with your username and the ability to create your own unique password. From there, you will be redirected to access your course(s).

03. Can I view these courses on any device?

Yes, you can view on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

04. How long do I have access to these courses?

You have access to each course for one year after the date of purchase.

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