Raise the Level of Your Brand's Performance by Partnering with Mental Game LIVE 

Younger audiences are consuming content via social media at an unbelievable clip. By partnering with Dr. Bhrett McCabe and Mental Game LIVE, you'll not only be associating with a renowned partner in the sports world, but you will also expose your brand to a fresh, new audience.

About Mental Game LIVE

I am sure you have heard that certain sports like baseball and golf are 90% mental. The truth is, the same could be said for ALL sports. However, there is not a trusted source for athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes to go to get legit, sound mental game coaching.

Until NOW. That's where Mental Game LIVE comes in.

The brainchild of renowned clinical and sports psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Mental Game LIVE is a livestreamed, once-weekly show on YouTube focused on helping athletes and coaches enhance their or their team's performance by strengthening their competitive mentality. Each show is an hour long and split into five (5) unique segments focusing on:

  • Real-life examples of the mental game happening in the world of sports for better comprehension of concepts

  • Live Q and A sessions where viewers have ability to ask pressing questions to Bhrett via the live chat

  • Common myths about the mental game that many have adopted as truth

  • Interviews with some of the top athletes and coaches in the world of sports to share how these individuals execute mental game principles in their training or competition

Can people still consume each show's content if they can't view it live?

Great question! The answer is YES. In the image below, you will see the breakdown of each show and how it will be disseminated to the audiences of our various social media platforms

Social Media Following

100% Laboratory Tested


Subscriber Count: 2,500+

Experienced 25% increase in subscribers since launch of show in February

Not Tested On Animals


Follower Count: 23,700

Natural Ingredients


Follower Count: 27,000

632,900 impressions in the month of February

100% Paraben Free

Tik Tok

Follower Count: 14,500

Grossed 101,300 likes since launch of Tik Tok account 

How to Partner With Mental Game LIVE

There are several ways for you to get involved as much - or as little (if you aren't quite sure yet) - as you like. Sponsorship opportunities range from sponsoring an entire episode, series of episodes, a segment, social media segments, and more!


Series of Episodes

  • Logo displayed on screen during entirety of show

  • Shoutout from Bhrett at beginning of show with links to products

  • Opportunity for 4 :30-:60 in-stream ads

  • Product placement within studio

Single Episode

  • Logo displayed on screen during entirety of show

  • Shoutout from Bhrett at beginning of show with links to products

  • Opportunity for four (4) :30-:60 in-stream ads

Recurring Segment

  • Shoutout from Bhrett at beginning of segment

  • On-screen graphics to display logo for entirety of segment

Set Amount Of :30 Social Clips

  • Set amount of branded posts on a single social media account

  • Logo will be placed in corner of clip

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