Steven C. Hayes: Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life

The Secrets to Winning Podcast with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Episode Summary

We know this world is challenging us, and I know that there are people suffering from what they feel and what they're thinking. They're just hoping that a brighter day will come. Truth be told, that's in every facet of life, right? That's in sports, business, you name it. Today's guest is someone who seeks to change the way you approach how you think and is an absolute pioneer in our field. He is Steven Hayes, a clinical psychologist that has authored 44 books and almost 600 scientific articles. But what he is most known for, and why he has made such a significant impact on my life and work, is the concept he developed called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT.

Dr. Hayes' Ted talks have been viewed over 600,000 times, and he's ranked as one of the most cited psychologists in the world. But. his impact is so much more than that. He is someone who's going to push against the standard to find a better way to do things. Not a more complicated way but a more efficient and more helpful way. His concept of ACT - being aware and accepting of what's going on in our lives and still finding a way through the stress, anxiety, fear, and doubts - has influenced so much of my work and made a huge impact on me.