Are You Ready to Compete to Achieve Your Ultimate Success?

The MindSide Manifesto dives into the factors that rob athletes, coaches, and leaders of their ability to live and compete to their fullest intent.

Elite Competitors Start With a Purpose-Driven Mental Approach to Their Success, so Much so That it Becomes Their Identity

The MindSide Manifesto was written as a way to share the insights of the best in their field and the underlying psychological factors common to those elite achievers to create an urgent and competitive mindset. By exploring the traps that commonly limit success and developing your focused, driven mindset, your dreams can become reality.

After reading The MindSide Manifesto, you will be able to:

  • Identify the influences that impact your self-image so that you can eliminate them 

  • Identify the three drives of every human being and implement those into your performance

  • Break free from a fixed mindset and develop a more growth-centered mindset

  • Focus under pressure situations using Bhrett's "Funnel of Focus" approach

  • Project positive, confident body language to others so that they perceive and view you in that manner

  • Enhance your resiliency and grit when faced with challenges rather than cowering from them

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