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Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Elite Journal

Elite Journal

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Elite performers spend a considerable amount of time focused on the next competition, investing their time into how they prepare, train, and recover in order to be their best when it matters the most. The drive for greatness is always more powerful leading into a competition, and as a result, true champions use that motivation to find a consistent process to help them perform at their best.

Truly exceptional individuals review their practice and competition in a systematic way, while those who are unsuccessful fail to do so. The process of critically reviewing your day or event takes discipline as well as directed focus to highlight the learnings and filter the clutter. It has been our experience that when elite performers regularly review their training and competitions, they are able to remove many of the fears, doubts, and insecurities that get in the way of confidence.

Those who allow the emotion of the moment to guide their decision-making are constantly trying to fix problems, overcome weaknesses, and avoid difficulty. When emotion guides the decision making process in competition, it can have very risky implications. Engaging in journaling and an active review allows you to separate your emotion from the reality of your performance.

The Elite Journal’s intent is to provide a visual and interactive tool to assist an athlete in understanding their mental process as they go through training. The journal is laid out in a day-by-day structure within a three-month time span that allows the athlete to narrow his/her focus on specific segments in their game plan. Dr. Bhrett McCabe believes that writing things down puts life into a player’s thoughts. With the Elite Journal, athletes can track their growth throughout their game from a mental perspective.

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